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Bidayuh (Bi-Dayuh) or Land Dayaks is one of the minority ethnic in Sarawak. They are the second largest Dayak ethnic group in Sarawak after the Iban (Sea Dayaks). The name Bidayuh it self mean "the people of land". "Bi" mean "people" or "orang" and "Dayuh" mean "Land". Despite grouped into one race, they use different language and dialect. the Bidayuh language can be divide into 3 major language that is Bukar-Sadong, Singai-Jagoi and Biatah. From this 3 major language it can be divided into many more complicated dialects. That is why although they the share the same races, its hard to understand each other. Normally to communicate with each other from different ethnic groups, the Bidayuhians use "Bahsa sarawak" (Melayu Sarawak) Malays or English.
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This is a Bidayuh bukar sadong (Serian) - Malay / English translation. All of this word are use by the bidayuh from our village, that is Kpg Batu Bedang. Although this is a Bidayuh Bukar Sadong dialect, some of the word maybe different depends on the kampung's. But I believe all of Bidayuh from Serian understand this word.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Bidayuh Greetings

"Silamat Sawa Bauh 2010 (Duwuh ribu simuhung). Harap dapat mudip ngusong dengan tirasun.


Happy New Year 2010. Have a prosperous and healty new year

* * *

As far as I know, they is no specific word use for us Bidayuh to greet people. Its more on action. I dont know how our people long time ago greet each other. But now it's more general and mostly follow other language. Common word like hi or hello is widely used. Others also the same only it's translated to Bidayuh language.


Good Morning - Silamat Burupagi
Good Evening - Silamat Bingaru
Welcome (Selamat datang) - Silamat Mandug
Nice to meet you - Silamat bidapud

Others like "have a nice day, good luck etc..." I never heard that in Bidayuh. If any please let me know.

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